Friday, March 01, 2013

ADF Druid Core Order Symbols Experiment

I've been meaning to post this for a while (and if you follow me on facebook, you may have seen this last night). 

A quick bit of background; 

During ADF Annual meeting at Wellspring a number of years ago (might have been 4 years, I forget) I was having some trouble remembering certain order and items of the ADF Core Order of Ritual (COoR). Up to that point, it's always been written down on paper, but I was trying to go from paper to ritual from a "inspired off-the-cuff style". 

So, after some scribbling in the notebook, and finding a suitable stick (thanks and offerings made to the land of course), I put a version of the Core Order of Ritual on a staff, in paint.

The result was a staff you cold use in ritual, and use it as a visual indicator of what stage you're at (just keep twisting it, and keeping your thumb on the current step if needed).

Worked quite well.. In fact, it worked so well, that after all the notes, transcribing, painting, and using it a few times, I had the Core Order I use committed to memory.

This got left for a number of years, and I starting doing some designs for the next version. Now, for the record I'll state that I am not a designer or an artist, and my construction needed to be simple enough to scratch, or burn onto some oddly shaped mediums.

So, here is the first released version of the unofficial Core Order Symbols for ADF (they might be a little off from true COoR, consult your nearest tree), released for free use in any Druid work (just don't sell them). Perhaps an artist out there can do more with this inspiration.

These were posted to Facebook just because I wanted to let some people know what I was up to, and following a few shares and comments, especially from Nick "E", I've decided to do a write up of the V1.1 diagrams. If it inspires one person to take these and run with them, I'll be happy. 

Comments, and suggestions very much welcomed.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans Day / Remembrance

For those that have served their folk in battle, far or near,
who have fought with honor and pride, without fear.
For those that the valkyrie have greeted from the battle field
for whom the ancestors welcome upon their shield.
we hold up our horn filled to the brim,
we let no sound over Urds Well swim,
 and say to those amongst us clear,
 both of live flesh, and those of spirit here
 you are remembered. Thank you, and thrice Hail!

(c) Grey Whittney - 11/10/2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back to Blogger

And, here's the pages back on Google Blogger... As much as I like the Wordpress system, I really don't want the overhead of keeping it up to date, so I've redirected the DNS systems back to Google.

(The only reason I moved was to get static pages, but blogger now has them....)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

And the road I must travel

Many (many) moons ago when I started working with tarot cards, there was a section in a book that talked about the major arcana being much like milestones of a person’s spiritual life, and the path that they were taking. It’s not something I follow, but at the time I always thought about the hermit being someone who removed himself away from society to go and learn on their own in deciding that they didn’t need anyone else.

Now regardless whether I use this system or not, it’s something that’s been on my mind recently, and after all these years it’s something perhaps I should pay attention to when my mind keeps coming back a couple of times. I first tried to see the humour side of it, by saying something like “so the hermit, in this day and age, is that the same is cutting your cable or DSL. Would a present-day card of the hermit show him throwing Facebook and Google plus into the trash”. But looking back at the last winter, I can’t help feeling that I’ve matched something of the life of the hermit, kind of hibernation so to speak.

But also in this time I’ve been feeling a little burnt out. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if I’ve been doing a lot of things and pushing myself past limits, and I’m not trying to compare with some of the other things a lot of people do. But there is an aspect of the hermit that I’ve potentially not thought about; and that is to rest, take time not doing the things you normally do, without feeling bad that you’re not doing them.

Usually if we stop doing something, there is a potential of feeling guilt, the idea that you said you would do this “something” and now you’re going back on that. A loss of integrity perhaps. But whenever we set out our plans, we have this idea that the road is ahead, the mountains and hills are something we will climb, as we move towards our goal. I don’t think there’s ever been a time where I actually thought, “I shall stop here the rest for a moment”. That doesn’t say I’m going to stop, it might be the realization that the journey is long, and can get daunting, but perhaps the hermit understands that the journey or task doesn’t need to be completed right … this … second.

I think the hermit is someone who can look back on the road they have traveled, smile at their own progress, and know the great things are coming up as well.

so for those worrying where this post came from, I’m still here, still happy, and looking forward moving down the path. Yes I have been quiet,and I might continue to be so.

And to complete the title; and the road I must travel, it’s end I cannot see (but I think I like it that way).

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Prayer to the fallen feathered kin

Hail to the fallen feathered Nature Kin. Be you Small or Large.
May you soar high amongst the top of World Tree, without pain or suffering.
May your cries turn to calls of good times past, amongst the thermals of the Sacred fire.
May your spirit be reflected in our memories like light reflected in the Holy Well.
Hail to the fallen feathered Nature Kin. Be you small or large
May they know that we tried, and will keep on trying, in all our own ways.
To those, I Pray, offer support to those dealing with their own battles in recovery.
Farewell, till we meet again by the hearths fire.
Sadly, during my little volunteer work with Tamarack Wildlife Rehab and Education Center, there are those that due to their injuries do not make it through admissions, or the rehabilitation. Many do, making it all the worthwhile, but once in a while some days are darker than others.

The above was written for the Cardinal and Bald Eagle that passed away this week, that I had the pleasure of meeting, and trying to assist under the instruction of the center’s staff. I hope that it’s repeated seldom, if not at all.

The issue of Lead Poisoning is a big problem for the birds of prey.
See Tamaracks Blog posting:: Bald Eagles and Lead Poisoning to learn more, and what you can do to help.